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Adam Berg

After being crippled during temple guard training, eighteen-year-old Hagano has settled into the lowly position of a courier. During the festival of his god, Ecret, Hagano witnesses the emergence of a creature made of bone, shadow, and rust. The once banished Sylph King has returned, leading an attack against Ecret.
While Hagano fights for his life, he sees the impossible--the death of his immortal god. His faith shatters. The world crumbles. His hope dies--until an unexpected gift from Ecret leads Hagano on a path to fulfill his god's dying wish.



Clarissa Kae

A Victorian Twist on Beauty And The Beast

Bold and brilliant, Georgiana has a gift for fixing machines—from clocks to carriages—while her father has a penchant for finding trouble. In an accidental fire, Georgiana and her father scar the once handsome face of Lord Pichon, cousin to the queen.

Rumors of Georgiana’s gift raise her family’s status. Her incomparable beauty captures the eye of many gentlemen and the wrath of Lord Pichon. Abandoned by his peers and alone in his cold castle, Lord Pichon is determined to enact revenge.

When Georgiana’s father makes a terrible mistake, she sacrifices herself to pay his debt—as a servant in Lord Pichon’s castle.

Her wit and warmth begin to thaw Lord Pichon’s estate, making him question his version of the past. Will her kindness break the beastly lord or will he hold her family hostage forever?

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Adam Berg

16-year-old Yara is locked inside a bamboo hut, sentenced to starve to death in order to save her island. As she weakens, a storm protects the island inhabitants from ravenous monsters emerging from the deep.

The village shamans cast stones to divine Yara’s successor in the year to come. The lot falls on Yara’s best friend, Nika, who refuses to let the ancient tradition take hers nor Yara’s lives.

As the days without food take their toll, the truth surfaces. Nothing is an accident and the tradition was built on lies. Yara journals her investigation into the Rainbringer history—until an unseen hand starts writing back.

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Clarissa Kae

The Bristol Sea divides Cornwall and Wales—and sings an enticing tale to Sienna Rothesay, a British born, American raised photographer. Since childhood, she’s fought the temptation of its siren song, with only broken bones and scars to show for giving into the whispers of the waves. Scorned by her family for her injuries, she confides in her adoring grandfather—the lone family member who hears the music with Sienna.

When Ioan Morgannwg, an enigmatic neighbor from her British days calls her home to help with her failing grandfather, Sienna is faced with an old myth that hints at a nefarious secret, linking her ancestors with Ioan’s. As her grandfather's mind deteriorates, he obsesses over the siren song. Time slips away as Sienna rushes to solve the puzzle before her grandfather dies, burying the secrets with him.

Family against family, father against son—a gripping tale of betrayal is revealed to Sienna, forcing her to question everything she knows, about herself, about her family and especially about love. 



Clarissa Kae

Immortal men like Rhys Glyndwr belong to forgotten fables—along with his reincarnating wife—but instead, they haunt the mind of a modern scientist, Isla Belle Thorne. Like an old blanket, visions of the healer servant and his wife, the daughter of a duke, have comforted Isla Belle, the only constant in her unstable childhood.
When her mother is hospitalized for a mental breakdown, Isla Belle fears for her own health and keeps the visions a secret. As Isla Belle starts her new job at a renowned medical organization, she comes face to face with Rhys—the same man from her visions.
She’s told an impossible tale of a love that death cannot kill. Surrounded by science but faced with an implausible legend, Isla Belle must decide what to believe and what to leave behind.



Clarissa Kae

Can enduring love heal her shattered soul and his broken body?

In their small agricultural town, Scarlett’s family is the picture-perfect variety. The mother encourages juvenile delinquents at the local detention center and her father coaches the church’s youth group. 

All is right until Scarlett lets a shameful secret slip. Blaming her for the indiscretion, the family silences Scarlett’s accusation but the arrival of a new high school student threatens the delicate balance. 
Everett’s giant frame and fractured skull are compliments of his father, but his world shifts after an accidental touch from Scarlett. Starved for affection, they forge an inescapable bond. Their relationship is encouraged by Everett’s grandmother, Marjorie Ashley, a woman with an unnatural gift, the ability to witness painful memories of those around her.

Fifteen years later, Marjorie is fading, her impending death a blow to Scarlett. Everett enjoys a flourishing legal career while Scarlett writes weekly investigative articles—keeping her own secrets hidden. An old police report is found in Marjorie’s house, revealing a web of deception spun by Scarlett’s family.
The deeper Scarlett digs, the more unsettling the discoveries. No longer aided by Marjorie’s gift, Scarlett is given an impossible ultimatum, she must choose between the family who raised her and the man who loves her—or risk losing both.





YA/NA Fantasy

Adam Berg is a real human boy and not a figment of his dog’s imagination. He started his career in sketch comedy, spent six years writing and acting for Studio C, and now works for JK Studios. Feed him cookies, please.

Historical & Time Slip Romance

Since her first novel, she's explored different writing genres and created a loyal group of fans who eagerly await her upcoming release. With numerous awards to her name, Clarissa continues to honor the role of storyteller.
California with her family of horses, chickens, dogs and kittens a plenty.

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“Reading brings us unknown friends”

Honoré de Balzac


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