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We began Carpe Vitam press because we love humanity and all it can teach us. We love stories and helping authors share their words. We champion our authors and honor them as sacred storytellers.

Inclusive and innovative we cut publishing time from industry standard of three years down to six months. 

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Benefits of the Carpe Vitam Team

Why publish through a small press?

It’s no secret the publishing industry is in the midst of a transformation. Much like streaming disrupted the film industry, indie publishing and ebooks are changing the landscape of the literary world. 


The dust is not yet settled. Traditional publishers are adapting to a new normal. Indie publishing is on the rise. Many traditionally published authors are dipping their toes into indie waters and are adopting a hybrid model. 


Small presses are the happy middle ground between these two worlds.


They don’t offer advances, but pay for upfront costs for line edits and covers. Because there is no advance, you can start making money from sales much sooner and will earn a greater percentage of those sales. Carpe Vitam gives their authors 25-70% of their sales, compared to the average traditional publisher who offers 5-18%.


Unlike self-publishing, a small press comes with a team. You don’t have to go it alone. We are your co-workers, cheerleaders, and confidants who will celebrate your victories and trudge through the difficulties with you.


Because a small press is–you know–small, it must be selective in which authors to accept. The team has much less manpower than a big publisher, making it a difficult place to promote an unknown name. Authors who want a hybrid model, and people who bring an audience with their work, will have a much easier time finding success through a small press. That does not mean you should not submit if you are not already an A-list Hollywood celebrity. This is where our Carpe Vitam team comes in. We must consider many factors in whether or not we can help you on your publishing journey.


If you feel the spark of inspiration to send us your work, check out our submission guidelines.


Best of luck and much love,


The Carpe Vitam Acquisition Team

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